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Sol Raye ‎- Mona Lisa [1989]

A1. Mona Lisa
A2. La La At The End
A3. I Was Too Proud
A4. You’re Always On My Mind
A5. Just A Matter Of Time
B1. Daddy's Coming Home Soon
B2. At The End Of The Rainbow
B3. Send Me Some Loving
B4. Answer Me

Peter Broggs - Rise and Shine [1985]

Contribuição do parceiro: Tato

A1. You Got To Be Wise
A2. Rise And Shine
A3. I Admire You
A4. International Farmer
A5. Leggo Mi Hand

B1. Bloodstain
B2. Fuss And Fight
B3. I Love To Play Reggae
B4. Jah Is The Ruler
B5. Rastaman Chant Nyahbingi

Twinkle Brothers - Miss Labba Labba [1977]

A1. Miss Labba Labba
A2. It's Not What You Know
A3. Different Strokes
A4. Feeling Irie
A5. Too Late

B1. There Is No Peace
B2. Self Praise
B3. Jah Army
B4. Love, Sweet Love
B5. Down Came The Rain
B6. Do Your Own Thing

The Impalers - Blood Rum And Reggae [2008]

1. Mission Strut
2. On The End Of A Rope
3. Uppercut
4. Holding On To You
5. Metro Azul
6. Pocket Money
7. I Vampiri
8. Lucinda
9. Replacement Boy
10. Nachmittag
11. Judge & Jury
12. The K Line

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My Roots - Tony Selector [2018]

Contribuição do parceiro: Marcos Tony

CD 1
01 Midnite - Old Robe
02 Stephen Marley - Tight Ship
03 Keys Of Creation - Born To Win
04 Likkle Mai - Starlight Says It's Alright
05 BATCH - Fighting Still
06 Prince Alla - Bos Rah
08 Keys Of Creation - Jah Mek A Way
09 Palmer Brothers - Step It Out A Babylon
10 Jimmy Cliff - Bob Yu Did Yu Job
11 Ethnic Fight Band - Really A Rocker
12 Dennis Walks - Almighty
13 John Holt - Got my head on straight
14 King Web & The Revelation - A New Star
15 Dennis Brown - Conversation
16 Guinney Pepper - Lick the Chalice
17 Jimmy London - Hold On To What You Got
18 Cover by Ronnie Green - I Am Sorry (Gregory Isaacs)
19 African Princess - Jah Children Cry
20 Damian Marley - Looks Are Deceiving
21 Black Roots - Move on (extended)

CD 2
22 Paul Kelly - Politics Babylon Version 1976
23 Jays & Ranking Trevor - Queen Majesty
24 Damian Marley - The Struggle Discontinues
25 The servants - Burning City
26 Tiken Jah Fakoly -  Mangercratie
27 Dennis Brown - Emanuel
28 Eek A Mouse - Do You Remember
29 Alton Ellis & Christopher Ellis - La La La Means I Love you
30 The Wailers Band -  Guava Jelly (Dub)
31 Dennis Brown - What about the half
32 Don Carlos - Booming Ball
33 Justin Hinds  - The Rainbow
34 The Wailers Band -  Soul Rebel (Dub)
35 Prince Heron - Solomon
36 Alton Ellis - I'll Take Your Hand
37 Justin Hinds  -  Botheration
38 Gregory Isaacs - Willow Tree (1992)
39 Jackob Miller - Mr. Officer
40 Stephen Marley - No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)
41 Robby Davis - Where Did Our Love Go
42 Stephen Marley  -  How Many Times

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Lloyd Charmers - In Session [1973]


A1. Lloyd Charmers - Cloudburst
A2. Lloyd Charmers - One Big Happy Family
A3. Hippy Boys - Look-A-Py-Py
A4. Lloyd Charmers - Sweeter She Is
A5. Lloyd Charmers - Colour His Father
A6. Lloyd Charmers - Oh Me, Oh My
B1. Lloyd And Hortense - Version Of Love
B2. Lloyd Charmers - Love I Madly
B3. Conscious Minds - Africa Is Paradise
B4. Lloyd Charmers - I Can't Get Next To You
B5. Lloyd Charmers - One Woman
B6. Tony Binns - Humpty Dumpty

Jackie Edwards - Come To Me Softly [1979]


A1. Come To Me Softly
A2. I Can't Stop Loving You
A3. Take Good Care Of You For Me
A4. Daddy's Home
A5. Love Has Been Good To Me

B1. At The End
B2. Please Don't Cry
B3. Just Because
B4. Lost Love
B5. You Over There

Ruddy Thomas - When I've Got You [1983]


A1. When I've Got You
A2. We Need Love
A3. Loving You Is Mellow
A4. Back To Paradise
A5. Nice And Easy

B1. Key To The World
B2. Dedicated To You
B3. Take It
B4. Just One Moment Away
B5. Walking Up A One Way Street

The Morwells - Kingston 12 Toughie [1980]


A1. Bit By Bit
A2. Brain Food
A3. I'm Radic
A4. Kingston 12 Toughie (Disco Version)

B1. Cut Them Down
B2. Got To Get Away
B3. Wicked Man
B4. Music
B5. We Want To Go Back Home

Freddie McKay - Picture On The Wall (Deluxe Edition) [2017]


A1. Picture On The Wall
A2. You Are Not The Kind
A3. Love Is A Treasure
A4. Father Will Cut You Off
A5. So Long Forever
A6. You'll Be Sorry
B1. High School Dance
B2. Slip Away
B3. Old Joe
B4. A Little Bit Will Do
B5. Can't Go On
B6. Watch Your Step
C1. Drunken Sailor
C2. Drunken Sailor (Version)
C3. You'll Be Sorry (Jamaica Single Mix)
C4. You'll Be Sorry (Version)
C5. Picture On The Wall (Jamaica Single Mix)
C6. Picture On The Wall (Version)
C7. Picture On The Wall Vers.
D1. I Am A Freeman (aka I Am Free, Free-Man)
D2. Sweet You, Sour You (Jamaican Single Mix)
D3. Old And Grey (aka When I Am Grey)
D4. My True Love
D5. Love Is A Treasure (12" Extended Mix)

Eugene Paul - Similarity [1979]


A1. Meet Me At Mary's Place
A2. Farewell (My Darling)
A3. Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
A4. Seven Days Of You

B1. Cupid
B2. Putting Reggae On The Run.
B3. Interlude

quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2018

Johnny Clarke - Live At Jamboree [2017]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


African Roots
Blood Dunza
Come Back To Me
Dance To The Music
Declarations Of Rights
Dont Want To Be A Rude Boy
Enter Gates
Every Knee Shall Ball
Everyday Worndering
Going To A Ball
Gonna Love You More
King Of The Area
Left With A Broken Heart
Move Out Babylon
None Shall Escape
Roots Natty Congo
Stranger In Love

Various - Natty Rebel Roots [1990]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


1. The Gladiators - Let Jah Be Praised
2. Gregory Isaacs - Tune In
3. Johnny Clarke - Cry Tough
4. U Roy - Natty Rebel
5. Prince Far I - Throw Away Your Gun
6. Prince Far I - Throw Away Your Gun Dub
7. Johnny Clarke - Declaration Of Rights
8. The Gladiators - We'll Find The Blessing
9. U Roy - Do You Remember
10. Twinkle Brothers - Jah Kingdom Come
11. Dr. Alimantado - Slavery Let I Go
12. Johnny Clarke - Crazy Baldhead
13. The Gladiators - The Best Things In Life
14. Twinkle Brothers - Praise Jah
15. Prince Far I - Love Divine Dub
16. Althea And Donna - Up Town Top Ranking

One People Band - Spirit Of Reggae [2015]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


1. We Need Your Light
2. Rise from Ashes
3. Spirit of Raggae
4. Lucky Dube Was a Hero
5. Talk a Talk a Lot
6. We Are One People
7. Love Has Grown
8. Not Because I'm Wise
9. Zion Is Waiting
10. Never Stop Reggae
11. Oh Mama
12. Forgive Me If I Cry

Sylford Walker - Time Has Come [2014]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


1. Time
2. Swell Done
3. Sometime Coffee
4. Righteous Rasta
5. My Time Has Come
6. Love
7. Living Hell
8. Know No Love
9. Just Can't Understand (Remix)
10. Help Us Jah

The Gladiators - Studio One Singles [2007]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


A1. Fling It Gimme
A2. Sonia
A3. Solas
A4. Dub Ina Babylon
A5. A Prayer To Thee
A6. Version Of Prayer
A7. Jah Jah (Version)
B1. Boy In Long Pants
B2. Boy In Long Pants Part Two
B3. Bongo Red
B4. Bongo Version
B5. Beautiful Locks
B6. Sufferation Version
C1. Roots Natty
C2. Culture
C3. Rearrange
C4. Mister Baldwin
C5. Mister Baldwin Part 2
C6. Big Boo Boo Day
C7. Boo Boo Day Version
D1. Pretending 12"
D2. Don't Fool The Young Girls
D3. Don't Fool The Young Girls Version
D4. Happy Man 12"

Joe Higgs - Triumph [1985]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


A1 Come A Little Closer
A2 So It Go
A3 Hurt My Soul
A4 Satisfy My Heart And Soul
A5 It's Goodbye

B1 Step By Step
B2 Sound Of The City
B3 Creation
B4 I'm Right There
B5 Young And Wild

Inner Circle - One Way [1987]

Contribuição voluntária: Marcos Souza


1. One Way
2. Love One Another
3. Front And Center
4. Life
5. Stay With Me
6. Massive
7. Bad Boys
8. Champion
9. Keep The Faith

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The Gaylads – Fire And Rain [1970]

Contribuição do parceiro: Tato


A1. Fire And Rain
A2. Soul Sister
A3. It's All In The Game
A4. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
A5. Something Is Wrong Somewhere
B1. Secret Admirer
B2. Peace Love And Understanding
B3. There's A Fire
B4. Someday I Will Be Free
B5. Tell The Children The Truth
B6. Don't Listen To The Rumours