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Treasure Isle Records - The Ultimate Collection [2010] [3 CDs]


CD 1
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes - arry Go Bring Come
The Techniques - Queen Majesty
The Sensations - Those Guys
The Melodians - Come Home Little Girl
Phyllis Dillon - Don't Stay Away
The Three Tops - It's Raining
Ken Parker - True, True, True
The Melodians - Last Train To Expo 67
Ken Parker - Jimmy Brown
The Paragons - Black Bird Singing
The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom
The Tennors - Weather Report 
Joya Landis - Angel In The Morning
Freddie McKay - Love Is A Treasure
Alton Ellis - La La La Means I Love You
Phyllis Dillon - Don't Touch My Tomato
Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover
Phyllis Dillon - Love The One You're With
The Paragons - The Tide Is High
Errol Dunkley - Where Must I Go

CD 2
Alton Ellis - Rocksteady
The Paragons - Smile
The Melodians - You Don't Need Me
The Techniques - Love Is A Gamble
Justin Hinds - Sinners
The Sensations - Every Day Is A Holiday
Alton Ellis - Girl I've Got A Date
The Sensations - I'll Never Fall In Love
The Silvertones - Midnight Hour
The Techniques - I'm In The Mood For Love
The Melodians - I'll Get Along Without You
Dobby Dobson - Loving Pauper
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes - On Saturday Night
The Paragons - Yellow Bird
The Paragons - On The Beach

CD 3
Eric Monty Morris - Samson
Eric Monty Morris - Solomon
Bobby Aitken - Rukumbine
Derrick Morgan - Don't Call Me Daddy 
The Maytals - John James
The Silvertones - True Confessions
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes - Corner Stone
Eric Monty Morris - Pennny Reel
Stranger Cole - We Are Rolling
Alton Ellis And The Flames - The Preacher
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes - Rub Up Push Up
Stranger Cole - Rough And Tough
Margarite - Woman-A-Come
Dottie And Bonnie - Dearest
Alton Ellis And The Flames - Dance Crasher
Alton Ellis & The Treasure Isle All Stars - How Can I
The Paragons - Island In The Sun
Alton Ellis - Blessings Of Love
The Paragons - Land Of Sea And Sun
Laurel Aitken - More Whisky

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