quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2018

The Wailing Souls - Wild Suspense [1979]


A1. Row Fisherman
A2. Slow Coach
A3. We Got To Be Together
A4. Feel The Spirit
A5. Bredda Gravalicious
B1. Wild Suspense
B2. They Never Know
B3. Black Rose
B4. Something Funny
B5. Very Well

The Wailing Souls - Wailing Souls [1975]


A1. Back Out With It
A2. Mr. Fire Coal Man
A3. Run My People
A4. Thou Shall Not Steal
A5. Row Fisher Man
B1. Real Rock
B2. Got To Be Cool
B3. Pack Up
B4. Can't Catch Me
B5. Hot Road

The Wailing Souls - Wailing [1981]


A1. Face The Devil
A2. Scientific Dub Mix
A3. Rudy Say Him Bad
A4. Mr. Big More
A5. Penny I Love You

B1. Scientific Dub Mix
B2. Who No Waan Come
B3. Scientific Dub Mix
B4. Don't Be Down Hearted

The Wailing Souls - Soul & Power [1982]


A1. Trouble Maker
A2. You Should Have Known
A3. Don't Fight
A4. Hot Road
A5. Run My People
A6. Soul & Power

B1. I've Got A Burning Fire
B2. Rock But Don't Fall
B3. Everybody Talking
B4. All Alone
B5. Stick Together

The Wailing Souls - Inchpinchers [1982]


A1. Inchpinchers
A2. Mass Charley Ground
A3. Tom Sprang
A4. Don't Get Lost
A5. Baby Come Rock
B1. Things And Time
B2. Modern Slavery
B3. Ghetto Of Kingston Town
B4. Oh What A Lie
B5. Infidels

The Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock [1981]


A1. Fire House Rock
A2. Run Dem Down
A3. Oh What A Feeling
A4. Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall
A5. Act Of Affection

B1. Busnah
B2. A Fool Will Fall
B3. Bandits Taking Over
B4. Who Lives It
B5. See Baba Joe

terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2018

Lion Zion ‎- Reggae In America [1976]


A1. Reggae In America
A2. Buffalo Dub
A3. Who Killed The Buffalo
A4. American Revolution
A5. Children, Children

B1. Beautiful Day
B2. 3rd Century
B3. Gas Guzzler
B4. Arise America
B5. Turn Toward's The Sun

David Isaacs - Till I Can't Take It [1976]


A1. Place In The Sun
A2. Memories By The Score
A3. Stealing Stealing
A4. Let Them Say
A5. Winter World Of Love

B1. Hard Road To Travel
B2. Kiss Kiss And Say Goodby
B3. Breaking Up
B4. What You Gonna Do
B5. Till I Can't Take It

segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2018

King Sounds And The Israelites ‎- Moving Forward [1983]


A1. Moving Forward
A2. I Know That I Am Certain
A3. Baal
A4. Africa
A5. You Never Took Me

B1. Who Feels It
B2. Count It All Joy
B3.They Are Planning For A War
B4. Pada Pada Padaa

Ken Boothe - Who Gets Your Love [1979]


A1. Who Gets Your Love
A2. Artibella
A3. You're No Good
B1. Got To Get Away
B2. African Lady
B3. This Love

Ken Boothe ‎- Blood Brothers [1976]


A1. Walk Away From Love
A2. Silver Words
A3. Blood Brother
A4. Love Don't Love Nobody
A5. I'm Singing Home
B1. Mammie Blue
B2. I Shot The Sheriff
B3. I Don't Want To See You Cry
B4. No Woman No Cry
B5. Freedom Day

domingo, 16 de setembro de 2018

Jah Stitch ‎- Watch Your Step Youthman [1977]


A1. The Rod Of Creation
A2. Dreadlocks Don't Play
A3. Them Love Natty Dread Everywhere
A4. Natty Gone Clear
A5. Let's Have Some Fun
A6. Crazy Woman

B1. Under Heavy Manners
B2. God Is Good
B3. Old Macdonald's Farm
B4. Midnight Iwah
B5. Dread Ina Jamdown
B6. Tree Of Wisdom

Jah Stitch - Moving Away [1979]


A1. Autrem Season
A2. Make A Joyful Noise To Jah
A3. Natty Dread Skank
A4. Dummley Shuffle
A5. Different Fashion
A6. Love & Harmony
B1. Music Hold You
B2. No Love In Community
B3. Put On You Dancing Shoe
B4. The Wisest Dread
B5. No Dog Bark
B6. Moving Away From The Rest Of The Field

Reggae Good Idea - Sábado Fyah [15-09-2018]

sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2018

Wailing Souls ‎- The Very Best Of [1990]

Contribuição do parceiro: Hélio


A1. War
A2. Jah Give Us Life
A3. Bredda Gravalicious
A4. Old Broom
A5. Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall
A6. Firehouse Rock
A7Who No Waan Come

B1. Baby Come Rock
B2. Things And Time
B3. Stop Red Eye
B4. Sticky Stay
B5. They Don't Know Jah
B6. War Deh Round A John Shop

Wailing Soul - Best Of Wailing Soul [1985]

Contribuição do parceiro: Hélio


A1. Water Pump
A2. Bounce Back
A3. What Is Your Meaning (When You Say Love)
A4. What You Gonna Do
A5. Down On The Rock

B1. Fire House Rock
B2. Sweetie Come Brush Me
B3. Tom Sprang
B4. Things & Time
B5. 0Soon & Very Soon

Fabulous 5 Inc - My Jamaican Girl [1976]


Contribuição do parceiro: Hélio


A1. Love Me For A Reason
A2. My Jamaican Girl
A3. Shaving Cream
A4. Married Lady

B1 For You
B2. Strong Man Tom
B3. Starlight