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Madoo ‎– Rock With Papa Madoo [1981]


A1. Rock With Papa Madoo
A2. Jamming So
A3. Round The World
A4. Sister June

B1. Mister Land Lord
B2. Shy Girl
B3. Dance With Me
B4. Youth In The Ghetto

King Fari Band ‎– Roots Again [2006]


1. I An I Know
2. Reality
3. Over 2000 Years
4. Oh Jah
5. Solid Ground
6. Be Brave
7. Dreadful Time
8. Dem Never Know

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Noel Phillips - Youth Man Vibrations [1981]


A1. Youth Man
A2. Pauline
A3. Looking Someone
A4. Living In The Ghetto
A5. Jah No Dead

B1. Money Man Skank
B2. Jungle Living
B3. Love Light
B4. Be My Woman
B5. Slavery Days

Osbert Maddo - You Wanna Turn Me On [1982]

A1. Badder Than Them
A2. Lost For You
A3. You Wanna Turn Me On
A4. Freedom Fighter
A5. Put It Down Gunman
B1. Low Bum
B2. Public Enemy
B3. Herb Tree
B4. Dance In Your Area
B5. Cocaine Jane

Owen Gray - None Of Jah-Jah's Children Shall Ever Suffer [198x]


A1. Natty's Children
A2. Blazing Fire
A3. None Of Jah-Jah's Children Shall Ever Suffer
A4. Children Want To Play
A5. Look What You've Done

B1. Sentimental Reason
B2. I Cannot Live Without You
B3. Why Do You Make Me Cry
B4. You Make The Children Cry
B5. So Long My Love

Owen Gray - Hit After Hit After Hit Vol. 3 [xxxx]


A1. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
A2. Little Girl! Win Your Love To Me
A3. Running Back To Me
A4. Candida
A5. Never Let Me Go
A6.Confidential To You

B1. Turning Point
B2. Broken Hearted Melody
B3. Old Black Magic
B4. I'm In Love
B5. Goodbye My Love

The Silvertones - Silver Bullets [1973]


A1. I'll Take You Home
A2. Early In The Morning
A3. Sugar Sugar
A4. Souvenir Of Mexico
A5. Rejoice Jah Jah Children
A6. Rejoicing Skank
B1. That's When It Hurts
B2. Soul Sister
B3. Rock Me In Your Soul
B4. Sweet And Loving Baby
B5. He'll Break Your Heart
B6. Are You Sure ?

The Royals - Pick Up The Pieces [1977]


1. Pick Up The Pieces
2. Ghetto Man
3. Jah Jah Knows
4. Sufferer Of The Ghetto
5. If I Were You
6. When You Are Wrong
7. Promise Land
8. Only For A Time
9. Blacker Black
10. Peace & Love

The Maytones - Solid Gold Showcase [2008]


1. Let It Be Me
2. Love Affair
3. Let The Version Play
4. Play de Reggae Music
5. Enough Is Enough
6. Enough Dub
7. Higher Ground
8. Higher Version
9. Hard Time
10. Lover Man
11. Never Run Away
12. One Way
13. Be Careful

The Maytones - Madness 2 [XXXX]


A1.. Serious Man
A2. My Love And I
A3. Conscious Woman
A4. Money Worries
A5. Give Me The Love

B1. Serious Love
B2. What A Gwane
B3. Madness
B4. Funny Women
B5. Hungry Belly

Stanley & The Turbines - Africa [1995]


1. Brown Gal
2. Broom Weed
3. Leave My Kisiloo
4. Ina Mi Time
5. Africa
6. School
7. Bredda Ram Puss
8. Dada Beg Your Pardon
9. Little Of Your Love
10. Weeping Slave

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Roy Shirley, Stranger Cole, Ken Parker ‎- Rock Steady Greats (Get In The Groove) [1996]

1. Get In The Groove (Hold Them)
2. Just Like A River
3. Only Yesterday
4. World Needs Love
5. Music Is The Key
6. Seeing Is Knowing
7. Dynamic Ken Parker (Medley)
8. Live Good
9. You'll Never Get Away
10. We Two
11. It's Alright
12. Dance The A Una
13. Woman A Heavy Load
14. Get In The Groove (Hold Them) 2nd Take
15. Sugar Dumplin
16. What Momma No Want, She Get

Ronnie Davis - The Incredible Ronnie Davis Sings For You And I [1985]


A1. Give The People (What They Want)
A2. Holding On
A3. Have You Seen The Sunlight?
A4. Got To Go Home
A5. False Leader
A6. One Hero

B1. Nations Against Nations
B2. Just To Be Close
B3. Wont Yu Come Home
B4. No Weak Heart (Shall Enter Zion)
B5. Rivers Of Babylon
B6. Kaya

Pluto Shervington - Pluto [1976]


A1. Dat
A2.  Never Ending Song Of Love
A3. Here And Now
A4. Kung Fu Fighting
A5. I Shot The Sheriff

B1. Ram Goat Liver
B2. Letter From Miami
B3. Rock The Boat
B4. Knatty Dread
B5. Jambalaya
B6. Sixpence

Pat Kelly - Butterflies [1990]


1. Twelfth Of Never 
2. Little Boy Blue 
3. Somebody's Baby 
4. No Love At All 
5. How Long 
6. Try To Remember 
7. Festival Time 
8. You Don't Care 
9. If It Don't Work Out 
10. Troubled mind 
11. Dark End Of The Street 
12. Give Love A Try 
13. It's You I Love 
14. He Ain't Heavy 
15. What Am I To Do 
16. Butterflies 
17. Angel Of The Morning 
18. I'm So Proud 
19. Talk About Love 
20. It'sAa Good Day 

George Allison ‎- Exclusive [xxxx]


A1. Child Of The Ghetto
A2. Afraid Of Love
A3. No One Else

B1. Every Hoe
B2. You Know
B3. Losing You

Horace Andy Winston Jarrett The Wailers - The Kingston Rock [xxxx]


1. True Born African
2. Unity Strength & Love
3. Can't You See It's Time
4. Country Woman
5. Earth Must Be Hell
6. Let The Music Play
7. Wake Up Suzy
8. I Stand Before You
9. How Do You Think I Feel
10. Treasure Call Love
11. Isn't It Wrong
12. Writing On The Wall

Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames - Ranking Ghetto Style [1980]


A1. Ranking Ghetto Style
A2. Bongo Natty
A3. Me Tarzan
A4. Dread Natty Reggae Party
A5. Feeling Of Love

B1. Hundred Pound Of Collie
B2. Rudy At Large
B3. Easy Squeeze
B4. Pillow To Post
B5. Sufferation

Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames - Unity And Livety [1998]

1. Pillow To Post
2. This Feeling Of Love
3. Rock It Baby
4. Come Down Zacchius
5. Where Is The Ark
6. Man Of The Ghetto
7. Jungle Collie
8. Sheriff & His Deputy
9. Fear Not The Almighty Dread
10. Sleepers
11. Chucky No Chucky
12. My Sheep
13. Unity
14. Bangarang
15. True Born African
16. Baby Don't Be Late
17. Babylon Burning
18. African Herbman
19. Trod On Natty
20. Let The Music Play

Edi Fitzroy - Check For You Once [1982]


1. Check For You Once
2. African Queen
3. Young Girl
4. Dread Locks Party
5. 1st Class Citizen
6. Informer
7. Bandulu
8. Work On Mr. Farmer
9. People Dem A Suffer
10. Penitentiary

Edi Fitzroy ‎- Coming Up Strong [xxxx]


1. Watch Deh
2. Coming Up Strong
3. Love The People Want
4. Easy Ride
5. Princess Black
6. Jah Sun
7. Motherless Children
8. Chant Den Rasta
9. Father
10. Sow Your Corn

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The Lovers Rock Story - The Best Of The Early Years [2004]


1. Brown Sugar - I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks
2. Brown Sugar - Black Pride
3. Cassandra - I'll Never Let You Go Out Of My Life
4. Cassandra - Love Me Sweeter Tonight
5. Carolyn & Roland - I Admire You
6. Cassandra - If You're Not Back In Love By Monday
7. Carolyn Catlin - Peaceful Woman
8. Dennis Bovell - Choose Me
9. T.T. Ross - Jealousy
10. Brown Sugar - Hello Stranger
11. Dennis Bovell - One Life To Live
12. Dennis Bovell, Brown Sugar - Hurtin'
13. T.T. Ross - Imagine
14. T.T. Ross - I Will
15. John Kpiaye - Albatross

Stamma Haughton - Let's Love & Unite [198X]


A1 Africa Is Crying Out For Peace
A2 Look Deep Within Your Self
A3 Just Can't Stand The Pain
A4 Early In The Morning

B1 Give Love A Try
B2 Love You More Than Anything
B3 Let's Love And Unite
B4 Stand Up And Fight

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Honey Boy ‎- At The Dark End Of The Street [1978]


A1. Dark End Of The Street (Part I - II)
A2. Is My Love Too Late
A3. Rock Me (It's So Easy)
A4. Dearest (I Love You)
A5. So Much Love

B1. Our World
B2. That´s Life
B3. Who Baby
B4. River Of Tears
B5. Impossible Love (Part I - II)

Honey Boy ‎- Sweet Cherries Impossible Love [1975]


A1. Sweet Cherrie
A2. Green Green Grass
A3. Summer PLace
A4. Go Tell / Jah Jah Lives
A5. I'm Not Going Down
A6. I'm A Loser

B1. Impossible Love
B2. Julie
B3. Tuesday Fortnight
B4. 'Cause I Love You
B5. Forever Be Your Man
B6. What's Your Name

Honey Boy - A Taste Of Honey [1975]


A1. Time Is My Story
A2. I Admire You
A3. Play Me
A4. A Touch Of Class
A5. Jamaica

B1. Tell Me Baby
B2. If I Only Had A Time
B3. Oh My Love
B4. A Taste Of Honey
B5. Send Her To Me

Honey Boy ‎- Revival, The Early Years Of Honey Boy [197X]


A1. Impossible Love
A2. Jamaica
A3. Worried Over You
A4. Come To Me
A5. Is My Love Too Late
A6. Sweet Cherrie
A7. Sweet Talk
B1. Own True Love
B2. You Are Mine
B3. Hello Stranger
B4. I Admire You
B5. Loy's Waist Line
B6. Penny For Your Song
B7. Dark End Of The Street

Honey Boy ‎- Arise [1980]


A1. What's Your Name
A2. Let's Have Some Fun
A3. You'll Be Sorry
A4. Then I Kiss Her
A5. Play Me

B1. You And I
B2. Too Much Heaven
B3. All In A Game
B4. Got To Carry On
B5. Master Chef

Honey Boy - Lovers [1976]


A1. Will You Miss Me
A2. Come To Me Softly
A3. Break Of Day
A4. Loys Waist Line
A5. Got To Come Back

B1. Lovers
B2. Leaving Tomorrow
B3. Worried Over You
B4. Rocker Girl
B5. Today I Started Loving You

Honey Boy - Strange Thoughts [1976]


A1. Sweet Talk
A2. Strange Thoughts
A3. Homeward Bound
A4. In A Game
A5. Peaceful Place
B1. Rock Me
B2. It Takes Understanding
B3. Talking Sense
B4. Maria
B5. We Want Peace

Clinton Fearon Boogie Brown Band ‎- Disturb The Devil [1995]


1. Nah Forget Mi Roots
2. Pilot Johnson
3. Mr Want All
4. Take Off The Mask
5. No Bad Vibe
6. Who Stole The Cookie
7. Joyful Noise
8. On The Other Side
9. Brother Music
10. Let's Dance
11. I'll Be Around
12. Hallelujah
13. Just A Dream

Clinton Fearon And Boogie Brown Band ‎- Soon Come [2002]


1. Rocky Road
2. Brother Music
3. New Old Song
4. What A Dub
5. Na Forget Mi Roots
6. Mystic Whisper
7. Love Light
8. Let It Grow
9. Chatty Chatty Mouth
10. Who Cares
11. We Shall Overcome
12. Just A Dream
13. Joyful Noise
14. Moses
15. Thank God For Music

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band - Mystic Whisper [1997]


1. A Little A This
2. Hot Fire
3. Love Light
4. Love Got Mi
5. Let It Grow
6. Who Cares
7. New Old Song
8. Wake Up
9. Uncle Freddy
10. One Way Or Another
11. A Little Lovin'
12. Crazy Like Me Extended Version
13. Mystic Whisper

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band ‎- Give And Take [2004]


1. Have A Little Faith
2. Conqueror
3. Give And Take
4. Blood For Blood
5. Movin' Up
6. See Dem Deh
7. Wages Of Love
8. Parable Sound
9. Whose Game Is It
10. Feel The Spirit
11. Rise Up
12. Stop The Hate
13. Show We Some Love
14. Have A Little Faith - Outro

Clinton Fearon - Mi Deh Yah [2010]


1. Life Is A Journey
2. Rock And Hard Place
3. De Casa
4. Mi Deh Yah
5. What A World
6. Focus
7. Better Days
8. The Best
9. Are You Ready
10. Jamaica
11. Tell The World
12. John Jones
13. Feeling Blue
14. Working For The Man

Eek-A-Mouse - Mouse-a-Mania [1987]


1. Juicy Juicy & Weedy Weedy
2. Assassinator
3. Safari
4. Penni-Walli
5. I Like Them All
6. Posse
7. Triple Love
8. De Di Doo
9. Now I Know
10. Gun Shot A Cry
11. Mi Brethren Roach
12. Crime
13. Macho Man
14. Some A Holler, Some A Bawl
15. Born Traveller

Eek A Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem [198x]


A1. Ganja Smuggling
A2. Long Time Ago
A3. Operation Eradication
A4. There's A Girl In My Life
A5. Slowly But Surely

B1. Wa-Do-Dem
B2. Lonesome Journey
B3. I Will Never Leave My Love
B4. Noah's Ark
B5. Too Young To Understand

Larry Marshall ‎- Dance With Me Across The Floor [xxxx]


1. Love Is Cheating On Me
2. Brand New Baby
3. Dance With Me Across The Floor
4. Heavy Load Jah Jah Children A Carry
5. Tribal Song
6. Mean Girl
7. Ark Of Jah Covenant
8. Money Baby

Larry Marshall ‎- Throw Mi Corn [1995]


1. Throw Mi Corn
2. Dub Version
3. Heavy Heavy Load
4. Dub Version
5. Your Love
6. Dub Version
7. Bird Song
8. Dub Version
9. Oh Girl
10. Dub Version
11. Ark Of Jah Covenant
12. Dub Version

V.A - Moonlight Groover [1969]


A1. Moonlight Groover
A2. Tonight
A3. Kansas City
A4. Get Me To The Church On Time
A5. I´ll Be Lonely
A6. Second Fiddle

B1. Soul For Sale
B2. Breaking Up
B3. Mary Poppins
B4. Billy Joe
B5. Moonlight Lover
B6. Black Coffee

Burning Spear - Man In The Hills [1976]


1. Man In The Hills
2. It Is Good
3. No More War
4. Black Soul
5. Lion
6. People Get Ready
7. Children
8. Mother
9. Door Peep
10. Groovy

Singers & Players ‎- Revenge Of The Underdog [1982]


1. Dungeon
2. Merchant Ship
3. Jah Army Band
4. Too Much Work Load
5. Prodigal Son
6. Follower
7. Water The Garden
8. Resolution (Pt. 2 / Version 2)
9. Thing Called Love (Don't Fight)
10. Cha-Ris-Ma

Singers & Players ‎- Golden Greats Volume 1 [1989]


1. Devious Woman
2. Revolution
3. Virgin
4. African Blood
5. School Days
6. Breaking Down The Pressure
7. Autobiography (Dread Operator)
8. Autobiography
9. Kunta Kinte
10. Dreadlock Soldier
11. Moses
12. Prodigal Son
13. Follower
14. Snipers In The Streets
15. Reaching The Badman
16. Fit To Survive

Singers & Players ‎- Leaps & Bounds [1984]


1. Moses
2. Make A Joyful Noise
3. Alla La - Dreadlocks Soldier
4. Autobiography (Dread Operator)
5. Breaking Down The Pressure
6. Dog Park
7. Vegetable Matter
8. Striving

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Singers & Players ‎- War Of Words [1981]


A1. Devious Woman
A2. Quanté Jubila
A3. Sit And Wonder
A4. Fit To Survive

B1. Reaching The Bad Man
B2. World Of Dispensation
B3. 91 Vibration

Big Youth ‎- Reggae Gi Dem Dub [1978]


A1. Inside Out
A2. Camp David Summit
A3. New Moon
A4. Tribute To Kenyatta

B1. Colour Red
B2. Progress (Part Two)
B3. Majority Rules
B4. Fulfilment

Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames - Jonestown (1989)


A1. Bad Boy
A2. Hold On To This Feeling
A3. Run To The Rock
A4. Unity
A5. Knotty Got To Find A Way

B1. Jonestown
B2. Babylon Broke Dung Me House
B3. Spanish Town Road
B4. Lovers Making Love
B5. Conference Hall