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Winston Curtis ‎- Portrait Of Winston Curtis [1981]


A1. Rain From The Sky
A2. Long And Winding Road
A3. Shining Star
A4. Your Mine
A5. My Desire
B1. Send You My Love
B2. To Love Somebody
B3. Every Body Needs Love
B4. Don't Say Goodbye
B5. Welcome You Back Home

Various - Sugar Minott & Trevor Castell In Reggae International [1986]


A1. Praise Jah
A2. Children Of Babylon
A3. Love Is Gone
A4. Mamase Mamase
A5. Gypsy Lady
B1. Binta
B2. Gold Chain Lover
B3. Mr. Carpenter
B4. Just Be Nice
B5. Ledged Corner

Various ‎- Reggae Anthology The Channel One Story [2004]


A1. I Need A Roof
A2. Don't Smoke The Seed
A3. Right Time
A4. Natty Dread Have Credentials
A5. Natty Burial
A6. Woman Is Like A Shadow
B1. Road Block
B2. Burial
B3. Things & Time
B4. Cokane In My Brain
B5. Far East
B6. C.B. 200

C1. Welding
C2. Worries In The Dance
C3. Herbman Smuggling
C4. Dances Are Changes
C5. Show Me That You Love Me Girl
C6. I Know Myself

D1. Truly (Dj Mix)
D2. Hard To Confess
D3. Ballistic Affair
D4. Satisfaction
D5. Ragnampiza
D6. M.P.L.A.

E1. Death In The Arena
E2. Prema Ballerina
E3. Sharing The Night Together
E4. Babylon
E5. Smoke Ganja Hard
E6. Fade Away

F1. Queen Majesty
F2. Without Love
F3. Up Park Camp
F4. Yaho
F5. Roach Killer
F6. M. 16

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Various - Party Time In Jamaica [1969]


A1. Pain In My Heart
A2. You Lied
A3. Calling
A4. Why Can't We Love
A5. Reggae Rock
A6. Jerico Rock
B1. Alabama
B2. Hello Caroll
B3. Come On Home
B4. In The Mood
B5. Tenderly
B6. You Found Me

Various - Out Of Many, One Jamaican Music Part Two [1990]


A1. Mammy Hot, Daddy Cool
A2. Who Gets Your Love
A3. Everyday Wondering
A4. It Must Come
A5. A Serious Version
A6. Clap The Barber
A7. Everybody Needs Love
A8. Drink More Wine
A9. Freedom Fighter

B1. Hold Them
B2. Strongman Samson
B3. The Rude Boy
B4. Puppy Love
B5. Little Boy Blue
B6. Give Me The Right
B7. History
B8. Thanks And Praise
B9. I Will Never Change

Sugar Minott - Black Roots [2004]


1. Mankind
2. Hard Time Pressure
3. River Jordan
4. Jail House
5. I'm Gonna Hold On
6. Oppressors Oppression
7. Two Time Loser
8. Black Roots
9. Clean Runnings
10. Mr Babylon Man

Roots Uprising - Beautiful Music [1981]


A1.Beautiful Music
A2.Grooving Out Of Life
A3.No Doney (Get High)
A4.Explosive Rhythm

B1.Master Blaster
B2.Cry City
B3.Make Tracks
B4.I Have Tried

Inner Circle ‎- The Best Of Inner Circle [1993]


1. Rock The Boat
2. Curfew
3. Duppy Gunman
4. None Shall Escape The Judgement
5. You Make Me Feel Brand New
6. Some Guys Have All The Luck
7. Everything I Own
8. T.S.O.P.
9. Westbound Train
10. Book Of Rules
11. Natty Dread
12. I Shot The Sherrif
13. Ire Feeling
14. Forward Jah Jah Children
15. Blame It On The Sun
16. Curly Locks
17. Blame It On The Sun
18. Burial
19. Road Block
20. When Will I See You Again

Bunny Lee - Then [1970]


A1. Russians Are Coming
A2. Twelfth Of Never
A3. Minstrel
A4. Everybody Needs Love
A5. Guilty
A6. On Broadway
A7. Let Me Go Boy

B1. Bangarang
B2. Wet Dream
B3. Who Cares
B4. I've Got To Get Away
B5. I've Got Love
B6. This Is My Story
B7. Mr. Chatter Box

Black Roots - Ghetto Feel [2014]

1. Cloudy Night
2. Bad Mind
3. A Wah So?
4. Albert Villa
5. Ghetto Feel
6. Reclaim
7. Street Life
8. Lonely Journey
9. The Earth
10. Carnival
11. Drawn To My Attention
12. Stuck Pon Waff

Barry Brown - I'm Not So Lucky (Showcase) [1980]

A1. Jah Never Sleep & Part 2
A2. Dread Taking Over & Part 2
A3. I'm Not So Lucky & Part 2

B1. Things And Time & Part 2
B2. Never Fight A Brother & Part 2
B3. I Love Sweet Jah Jah & Part 2

Audrey Gordon - Still Waiting [2004]

1. He's Worthy
2. Hail Him
3. Rock Me
4. Gentle Dove
5. Gentle Dove - Dub
6. I Am Free
7. Lord You're Good
8. I Praise You
9. My Jesus I Love Thee
10. Radical One
11. Hideaway
12. Blood Medley
13. Blood Medley - Dub
14. Eyes of the Lord
15. Grace and Mercy
16. I Am Free - Remix
17. I Praise You - Talkover

Audley Rollins - Just For You [2004]

1. You're My Everything
2. You're My Everything (Remix)
3. Tonight
4. My Sunshine
5. We Deserve Each Other
6. More I Get More I Want
7. Seek Him First
8. God Is Standing By
9. Hold On To Love
10. Live And Let Live
11. Riding For A Fall
12. All The Woman
13. All The Woman (Remix)
14. Irresistible
15. Just Love
16. Have Mercy On Me
17. Have Mercy On Me (Remix)

African Star - Days In Creation [1992]


1. Days In Creation
2. Say Them A General
3. Too Much Confusion
4. Got To Ride Out
5. Reggae Paradise
6. Trample The Dragon
7. Love In Your Heart
8. Many More
9. You Would Never Believe

Pad Anthony - True Love Begin


Sidney Goshine - Sea Of Life

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Various - Version Galore Vol. 2 [1972]


A1. Seven Day Reggae
A2. Super Boss
A3. Lay It On (Medley)
A4. Never Get Away
A5. Teach The Children
A6. Do It Right

B1. Picture
B2. True True
B3. False Prophet
B4. Love I Bring
B5. Stick Together
B6. Musical Pleasure

Various ‎- Clement Coxsone Dodd - Musical Fever 1967-1968 [1989]


A1. Bad Mind Grudgeful
A2. Puppy Love
A3. Bad Treatment
A4. A Get A Lick
A5. Hip Hugger
A6. Let Me Love You

B1. Rub Up Push Up
B2. Wailing Time
B3. Venus
B4. Norwegian Wood
B5. Love Me Girl
B6. You Shouldn't Be The One
C1. Ram Jam
C2. You Gonna Lose
C3. Get With It
C4. Fat Fish
C5. Grooving Steady
C6. Bye Bye Baby
C7. Soul Junction
C8. Mercy Mercy

D1. Baba Boom
D2. Love And Unity
D3. I Don't Mind
D4. Zigaloo
D5. Contemplating Mind
D6. Good Girl
D7. Musical Fever
D8. Wiser Than Solomon

Dezarie - Fya [2001]


1. Zion
2. Omega
3. Don't Cry
4. Most High
5. Love Yourself
6. Flesh And Done
7. Fya
8. All Ova
9. Walk Wid Me
10. Rebel
11. Jah Throne
12. Mind Yu Own
13. Sing Out
14. Iron Sharpen Iron
15. Fya Dub

Dennis Brown - Words Of Wisdom [1979]


A1. So Jah Say
A2. Don't Feel No Way
A3. Words Of Wisdom
A4. Should I
A5. A True
A6. Ain't That Lovin' You

B1. Cassandra
B2. Love Jah
B3. Black Liberation
B4. Rasta Children
B5. Drifter
B6. Money In My Pocket

Delroy Williams - I Stand Black [1982]


A1. I Stand Black
A2. Little Less Talking
A3. Mountain Top
A4. Heathen Valley
A5. Crucial

B1. Breaking My Heart
B2. Idren's Feel Nice
B3. Foxe's Hole
B4. Jah Children Love
B5. Learn

Delano Stewart - Stay A Little Bit Longer [1970]


A1. Stay A Little Bit Longer
A2. Dance With Me
A3. Hallelujah
A4. That's Life
A5. Don't Believe In Him
A6. It's Lovely

B1. Got To Go Back
B2. Rocking Sensation
B3. Let's Have Some Fun
B4. Tell Me Baby
B5. Give Me A Chance
B6. With It Could Last

Cosmo - Fire This Time [1998]


1. Something Tells Me
2. River Jordan
3. Bad Blood
4. Get Out Of My Head / A Fire This Time
5. Universal Way
6. You And Me
7. Victim Of The System
8. Love Of Money
9. Save The Last Dance For Me
10. Meet Me In Negril
11. You & Me & Etan

Cornell Campbell - Magic Spell [1999]


1. Queen Of The Minstrels
2. Magic Spell
3. I Need To Belong
4. Just Can't Find Love
5. Land Of Love
6. Babylon Go Down
7. Ten To One
8. I Can't Get Over Losing You
9. Stars
10. Precious Time
11. Didn't I
12. Just Because
13. No Man's Land
14. Best To Be Free
15. Trick In The Book
16. Always On My Mind

Carlton And The Shoes - Love Me Forever [1979]


A1. Love Me Forever
A2. Never Give Your Heart Away
A3. Love Is All
A4. Sincerely Yours
A5. Just Me

B1. This Feelings
B2. I've Got Soul
B3. Love To Share
B4. Me And You
B5. Forward Jerusalem

Al Campbell - Diamonds [1979]


A1. Show Me The Way
A2. Honey Come Back
A3. Jah Is Light
A4. Stay By My Side
A5. Send Love Oh Jah
B1. Mr Wicked Man
B2. Diamonds
B3. Hey Little Girl
B4. It's Love
B5. Cornal Mind

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Jackie Edwards ‎- Starlight [1978]


A1. Playboy
A2. Mary
A3. Clock On The Wall
A4. You Make The Starlight Shine
A5. I Must Be Strong
A6. Do You Believe In Love

B1. African Language
B2. Git Up
B3. I Do Love You
B4. In The Mood For Love
B5. Come On Back
B6. Burning Light

Sebastian Sturm - Get Up and Get Going [2011]



1. Get Going
2. Responsibility
3. Don't Look Back
4. Children, Don't Go Blind
5. Never Been As Sad
6. Burn The Money
7. It's Not Just
8. Movin' Away
9. Faith
10. Life Was A Bubble
11. Upside Down
12. Tear Down The Walls

Luciano - God Is Greater Than Man [2007]



1. Running For My Life
2. Bring Back The Vibes
3. Kingdom Of Jah
4. Give Thanks & Praise
5. Bad Situation
6. Cheer Up
7. Borrowed Time
8. Strive
9. Enough Is Enough
10. God Is Greater Than Man
11. Mankind Cease
12. Take Me There
13. Bad Situation Remix

Horace Andy - Haul And Jack Up [1989]



A1. Girl Of My Dreams
A2. Haul And Jack-Up
A3. Sweet Reggae Music
A4. Give Me Some Money
A5. Live And Save Life

B1. One Side Love Affair
B2. Love Light Of Mine
B3. Babylon A Come
B4. Come In A This
B5. Mus Have Fe Get It

Errol Dunkley - Sit & Cry Over You [197x]



A1. Love Brother Love
A2. Give (If You Can Give)
A3. Ho, Lord (Hear My Humble Prayer)
A4. Repatriation
A5. Peek-A-Boo

B1. Sit And Cry Over You
B2. Letter To Mommy & Daddy
B3. If This World Was Mine
B4. Don't Go Nowhere
B5. Patricia, I Love You

D.I.P Presents The Upsetter - V.A - [1975]



A1. The Upsetters - Enter The Dragon
A2. Sam Carty - I Don't Mind
A3. Dillinger - Cane River Rock 
A4. King Burnett - I Man Free 
A5. The Upsetters - Jamaican Theme
A6. The Gladiators - Time

B1. Leo Graham - Jump It
B2. Sam Carty - Life Is A Flower
B3. The Gaylads - Have Some Fun
B4. The Gaylads - Nature Man
B5. The Silverstones* - Dub A Pum Pum
B6. Linval Thompson - Kung Fu Man

Aura Meets Lee Perry - Full Experience [2012]



A1. Young Gifted And Broke
A2. Can't See You
B1. At Midnite
B2. Full Experience
B3. Nar Soh, So It Stay

Aswad - Showcase [1981]



1. Back To Africa
2. Three Babylon
3. It's Not Our Wish
4. Rainbow Culture
5. Warrior Charge
6. Babylon

U-Roy - Talking Roots [2017]



1. Repatriation
2. Teacher Morris
3. 3 Minutes of Talk
4. Bitter Nut
5. Mother of Civilisation
6. Jamaica
7. Black Man
8. Dog & Bone
9. Brimstone & Fire
10. Come Follow Me
11. Tide is High

Spirit Of '69 - The Boss Reggae Sevens Collection [2017]



Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss
Lloyd Robinson - Lavender Blue
Drumbago & The Dynamites - Dulcemania
Clancy Eccles - Chinaman
Derrick Harriott - Just Another Lonely Night
Derrick Harriott - Been So Long / You Lied To Your Daddy
The Afrotones - Freedom Sound
The Boys - Easy Sounds
John Holt - Ali Baba
John Holt - I'm Your Man
Don Drummond Junior - Everybody Bawlin'
The Silvertones - Come Look Here
Tyrone Evans - If This World Were Mine
Tyrone Evans & The Slickers - You Done Me Wrong
The Moon Boys - Apollo 11
The Pioneers - Love Love Everyday