terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2018

Miocardial Explosion - Selectah By Starrosstyle [2018]

Contribuição do parceiro: Starros

Barberman Bawling - Well Pleased & Satisfied
Black Ram & Dynamics - Marcus & Selassie
Clyde Mcnash - Bound To Regret
Douglas Boothe - Socialist
George Faith - Since I Meet You Baby
Glen Brown - It's Gonna Be Wonderful
Jah Lloyd And Douglas Boothe - Channel One
Julian Roberts - Concrete City
Julian Roberts - Reueal
Junia Walker Allstars - I Just Wanna Rock
Keithus I - Save The Children
Kwame Bediako - Black Star
Leroy Smart - What Will I Do
Lionel & Olly Buck - Easy
Little Roy - Still Water
Little Stevie & Jay Dusty Smith - Upfight
Paulette Williams & Gee - How Long Will You
Rodley Brissett - Justice And Peace
Vivian Jones - One Of These Days
Willie Francis - Leaving But It Won't Be Long
Winston Shand - So Nice
Woodie Noble - I Just Wanna Rock

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