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Reggae Good Idea - Sábado Fyah - Tribute to Gregory Isaacs [27-10-2018]

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Pluto Shervington - Again [1982]


A1. Your Honour
A2. I Man Bitter
A3. I Man Born Ya
A4. Ramgoat Liver
A5. Dat

B1. Head Above The Water
B2. Dancing Mood
B3. What 'Da'
B4. Dis Your Hard Time (Can't Last)
B5. Reggae Tonight

V.A - Soul Of Jamaica [1968]


A1. Joya Landis - Angel Of The Morning
A2. Alton Ellis - Willow Tree
A3. Tommy McCook - Heat Wave
A4. Phyllis Dillon - Out The Light
A5. The Paragons - My Best Girl
A6. Tommy McCook - The World Needs Love

B1. Alton Ellis - I Can't Stand It
B2. Phyllis Dillon - Long Time
B3. Tommy McCook - Ride M Donkey
B4. Alton* & Phyllis - Love Letters
B5. The Jamaicans - Woman Go Home
B6. Tommy McCook - Flying Home

Gregory Isaacs & Dobby Dobson - Veterans [1997]


1. Leaving You For Good 
2. Sonia 
3. Who Have Eyes Will See
4. Easy Loving 
5. Lady In Red
6. Seem To Me I'm Losing
7. Let's Talk Thing Over
8. Can I Trust You
9. Turn Down The Light
10. Blue Rose
11. Storm 
12. That's Life 

Gregory Isaacs ‎- Victim [1987]


A1. Victim
A2. Surrender Your Love
A3. Rosie
A4. Mr. Music Man
B1. Special Someone
B2. Loving You Ain't Easy
B3. Howdy Do
B4. Welcome To My Room

Dennis Brown - Superstar [1976]

Contribuição do parceiro: Hélio


A1. Dock Of The Bay
A2. Change Your Style
A3. Message To Martha
A4. Out In The Rain
A5. Black Magic Woman

B1. You're No Good
B2. Can't Stop
B3. He's Above
B4. Look What You're Doing To Me
B5. When I'm Down

Dennis Brown - If I Follow My Heart [1971]

Contribuição do parceiro: Hélio


A1. Perhaps
A2. Rain From The Skies
A3. Johnny Too Bad
A4. If I Follow My Heart
A5. There Must Be A Fight
A6. Rivers Of Babylon

B1. It's Impossible
B2. Make It With You
B3. Impossible
B4. Love Grows
B5. Little Green Apples
B6. Grooving Out On Life

Keith Hudson - Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood [2004]


Contribuição do parceiro: Stone


A1. Hunting
A2. Flesh Of My Skin
A3. Blood Of My Blood
A4. Testing Of My Faith
A5. Fight Your Revolution
A6. Darkest Night

B1. Talk Some Sense (Gamma Ray)
B2. Treasures Of The World
B3. My Nocturne
B4. I Shall Be Released
B5. No Friend Of Mine
B6. Stabiliser

Yellowman ‎- A Very Very Yellow Christmas [1998]

Contribuição do parceiro: Stone


A1. Yellowman Is Coming To Town
A2. Jamaica, Jamaica, We Don't Got No Snow (Jingle Bells)
A3. Breadfruit Roasting On An Open Fire (The Christmas Song)
A4. Children Saw Mommy Kissing Yellowman
A5. African Christmas
A6. Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto
B1. Yellow Christmas
B2. This Christmas
B3. Yellowman Rock (Jingle Bell Rock)
B4. Tis The Season (Deck The Halls)
B5. We Wish You A Reggae Christmas
B6. 12 Days Of Christmas

Fred Locks ‎- The Missing Link [2000]


A1. Rastafari Rule
A2. Wheat And Tears
A3. Hurry Brings Worry
A4. I Know
A5. Rastaman Time
A6. Child Of The King

B1. Gun Court Affair
B2. The Only One
B3. The Only Dub
B4. Judge Not
B5. The Key Of Life
B6. The Key Of Life (Accapella)

Susan Cadogan ‎- Doing It Her Way [1975]


A1. Hurt So Good
A2. I Say A Little Prayer
A3. Ghetto Cowboy
A4. Imagine
A5. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
A6. Swinging On A Star

B1. I Can See Clearly Now
B2. Let Me Try Again
B3. Something
B4. Love Me Baby
B5. How Do You Feel The Morning After
B6. Call My Name

VA - Studio One Classics [19xx]


A1. Leroy Wallace - Far Beyond
A2. Anthony Creary - Land Call´ Africa
A3. Alton Ellis - African Descendants
A4. Larry Marshall - Run Babylon
A5. Devon Russell - Jah Hold The Key
A6. Jackie Bernard - Jah Jah Way
A7. Cedric Brookes - Ethiopia

B1. Burning Spear - New Civilisation
B2. Carlton And The Shoes - Happy Land
B3. George Allen - Be Wise
B4. Cornell Campbell - Natty Don't Go
B5. Prince Lincoln - Live Up To Your Name
B6. Linton Cooper - You´ll Get Your Pay
B7. Karl Bryan - Money Generator

The Techniques ‎- Classics [1982]


A1. You Don't Care
A2. My Girl
A3. Travelling Man
A4. Wish It Would Rain
A5. Queen Majesty

B1. Love Is Not A Gamble
B2. There Comes A Time
B3. I Am In Love
B4. Little Did You Know
B5. I'm In The Mood

The Techniques - Little Did You Know [1966]


A1. The Techniques - Little Did You Know
A2. Baba Brooks - Twilight Zone
A3. The Techniques - When You Are Wrong
A4. The Techniques - Please Say You Are Mine
A5. The Techniques - I Wish It Would Rain
A6. The Techniques - My Whole Life Depend On You

B1. The Techniques - Queen Majesty
B2. Baba Brooks Band - Magnificent Ska
B3. The Techniques - I Am In Love
B4. Baba Brooks Band - Gun Fever
B5. The Techniques - You Don't Know
B6. Baba Brooks Band - Dog War Jump Up

V.A - Gay Jamaica Independence Time [1970]


A1. Hopeton Lewis - Boom Sha-Ka-La
A2. U-Roy - Wake The Town
A3. The Ethiopians - Condition Bad A Yard
A4. Earl "Wire" Lindo - White Rum
A5. Earl "Wire" Lindo - Wear You To The Ball
A6. Alton Ellis - Puping In

B1. The Tennors - Hopeful Village
B2. U-Roy - Rule The Nation
B3. Tommy McCook - Dynamite
B4. U-Roy - Catty
B5. Alton Ellis - What Does It Take
B6. Neville Hinds - Sunday Gravey

V.A Clancy Eccles And Friends - Fatty Fatty 1967 - 1970 [1988]


A1. Clancy Eccles - Fatty Fatty
A2. The Fabulous Flames - Holly Holy
A3. The Dynamites - Phantom
A4. Eric Morris - Say What You're Saying
A5. Larry Marshall - Please Stay
A6. Cynthia Richards - Foolish Fool
A7. The Dynamites - Mr. Midnight
A8. Eric Morris - Simple Simon

B1. Clancy Eccles Allstars - C.N. Express
B2. Joe Higgs - Mademoiselle
B3. The Beltones - No Good Girl
B4. The Dynamites - Herbsman
B5. Clancy Eccles - Auntie Lulu
B6. Busty Brown - Don't Look Back
B7. Eric Morris - My Lonely Days Alone
B8. The Dynamites - John Public

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The Gladiators ‎- Back To Roots [1982]


A1. Marcus Garvey Time
A2. God Bless
A3. The Race
A4. Guts
A5. Rich Man Poor Man
B1. No Wrong Idea
B2. Follow The Rainbow
B3. The Warriors
B4. Prayer To Jah
B5. Street Of Freedom

Gladiators - Reggae To Bone [1982]


A1. Reggae To Bone
A2. Song In My Head
A3. This Spliff
A4. Ship With A Captain
B1. Fussing And Fighting
B2. One Love
B3. New Song
B4. Run Dem

The Pioneers ‎- Long Shot [1969]


A1. Long Shot (Kick The Bucket)
A2. Caranapo
A3. Black Bud
A4. Long Up Your Mouth
A5. Bring Him Home
A6. Mother Ritty

B1. Poor Rameses
B2. Samfie Man
B3. Belly Gut
B4. Lucky Side
B5. Trouble Dey A Bush
B6. Boss Festival

The Pioneers - Greetings From The Pioneers [1968]


A1. Me Naw Go A Believe
A2. You'll Never Get Away
A3. Baby Don't Be Late
A4. Shake It Up
A5. No Dope Me Pony
A6. Whip Them

B1. Gimme Gimme Girl
B2. Things Just Got To Change
B3. Sweet Dreams
B4. Tickle Me For Days
B5. Jackpot
B6. Give Me A Little Loving

Prince Far I - Voice Of Thunder [1981]


A1. Ten Commandments
A2. Tribute To Bob Marley
A3. Hold The Fort
A4. Every Time I Hear The Word
A5. Head Of The Buccaneer

B1. Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
B2. Give I Strength
B3. Kingdom Of God
B4. Coming In From The Rock
B5. Skinhead

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Mighty Diamonds - Ice On Fire [1977]


A1. Country Living
A2. You Are Just A Song
A3. If I Should Leave You
A4. Tonight
A5. Coming Through
A6. Get Out Of My Life Woman

B1. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley
B2. Little Angel
B3. Cat-O-Nine
B4. Back Weh Mafia
B5. Whole Wide World
B6. Tracks Of My Tears

The Mighty Diamonds ‎- Tell Me What's Wrong [1978]


A1. Brother And Sister
A2. Party
A3. Have A Little Mercy
A4. Tell Me What's Wrong
A5. Know Your Culture

B1. You Better Beware
B2. No Opportunity For The Youth
B3. I Don't Mind What You Are Saying
B4. Love Me Girl
B5. Still In Love

The Defenders ‎- The Original Gladiators Band Swing Easy [1987]


A1. Breezin'
A2. Samba Patti
A3. Take Five
A4. The Trip
A5. Suki Yaki

B1. Monkey Spanner
B2. Swing Easy
B3. Easy Rock
B4. Gladiators In Dub
B5. Reggae Blues

The Ethiopians - Let's Ska And Rock Steady [19XX]


A1. Engine '54
A2. My Love
A3. You Got The Dough
A4. Train To Ska-Ville
A5. Give Me Your Love

B1. Train To Glory
B2. Long Time Now
B3. Woman's World
B4. Unchanged Love
B5. Come On Now

Misty In Roots - Chronicles - The Best Of Misty In Roots [1994]


1. Food Clothes & Shelter
2. Live Up
3. Follow Fashion
4. Earth
5. Wondering Wanderer
6. Wise & Foolish
7. Musi O Tunya
8. Poor & Needy
9. Dreadful Dread
10. Peace & Love
11. West Livity
12. Bail Out
13. Ireation
14. Economical Slavery
15. Salvation
16. Rich Man
17. Jah Bless Afric

The Gladiators - Sweet So Till [1979]


A1.  Sweet So Till
A2.  No Disturbance
A3.  A Day We Go
A4.  Let Jah Be Praised

B1.  Red And Green And Gold
B2.  Back Yard Meditation
B3.  Press Along
B4.  Merrily
B5.  Holiday Ride

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The Expanders - The Expanders [2011]

Contribuição do parceiro: Tato


A1. Evilous Number
A2. Something Wrong
A3. Moving Along
A4. Follow It
A5. Careful
B1. Turtle Racing
B2. Snow Beast
B3. Gone Away
B4. Down In The Valley
B5. Race Is Run

The Expanders - Old Time Sometimes Come Back Again [2012]

Contribuição do parceiro: Tato


01. Conquering Lion
02. Man Should Not Hold Back
03. Iron Sharpening Iron
04. Jericho
05. Babylon Feel Dis One
06. The Clip
07. Tell Them Ja JaThe
08. Rasta Stop No One
09. Fire (Is The Desire)
10. Once Bitten
11. Tribulation
12. Can't Blame The Youth
13. Tom's Testimony

The Expanders - Hustling Culture [2015]

Contribuição do parceiro: Tato


1. Hustling Culture
2. Uptown Set
3. Piece Of Love
4. World Of Happiness
5. People Business
6. Top Shelf
7. Too Late
8. Reggae Pops
9. The Horse
10. Iron Throne (Extended 12'' Version)
11. Thanks For Life
12. Flesh And Bone

Roots In Difference - By Stone [2018] (SUPER SELECTA)

Contribuição do parceiro: Stone

Gregory Isaacs - Happy As A King [1997]

Contribuição do parceiro: Stone


1. Happy As A King
2. Kingston 14
3. Food, Clothes & Shelter
4. Mr. Coke Seller
5. Bust Me Case
6. 9 To 5
7. I'm Gone
8. One Half Affair
9. Be Mine Tonight
10. Gotta Open Up
11. What's My Baby Doin
12. War

Cornell Campbell - The Inspector General [1980]

Contribuição do parceiro: Stone


A1. Rope In
A2. Free Up The Good Sensimina Herb
A3. Broken Hearted Girl
A4. You Capture My Heart
A5. Sitting And Watching
B1. Bandolo - Disco Style
B2. A Solid Foundation - Disco Style
B3. I Love You Madly - Disco Style
B4. I Am Aware Of Love
B5. The General

Beres Hammond - Let's Make A Song [1981]

Contribuição do parceiro: Stone


A1. If There Is A Song
A2. Don't Run That Line On Me
A3. Love Delight
A4. Let's Make A Song
B1. Masters Time
B2. All Season Love
B3. Oh I Miss You
B4. He Is A Brother

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The Royals - Israel Be Wise [1978]


A1. Israel Be Wise
A2. Come Let's Hold Hands
A3. If You Want Good
A4. Happy Time
A5. Lonely Lover

B1. Never Be A Tomorrow Before Today
B2. I Cried
B3. Everything's So Nice
B4. New Generation
B5. Same Old Story

The Wailers - Catch A Fire [1973]


A1. Concrete Jungle
A2. Slave Driver
A3. 400 Years
A4. Stop That Train
A5. Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)

B1. Stir It Up
B2. Kinky Reggae
B3.No More Trouble
B4. Midnight Ravers

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation [1983]


A1. Chant Down Babylon
A2. Buffalo Soldier
A3. Jump Nyabinghi
A4. Mix Up, Mix Up
A5. Give Thanks

B1. Blackman Redemption
B2. Trench Town
B3. Stiff Necked Fools
B4. I Know
B5. Rastaman Live Up

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Kaya [1978]


A1. Easy Skanking
A2. Kaya
A3. Is This Love
A4. Sun Is Shining
A5. Satisfy My Soul

B1. She's Gone
B2. Misty Morning
B3. Crisis
B4. Running Away
B5.Time Will Tell

Yabby You ‎- Jesus Dread (1972-1977) [1997]


Conquering Lion Style

1. Vivian Jackson & The Defenders - Love Thy Neighbour
2. Vivian Jackson & The Ralph Brothers - Conquering Lion
3. Tommy McCook & Don D. Jnr - Fisherman Special
4. Big Youth & Vivian Jackson - Yabby Youth
5. King Tubby's - Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism
6. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Covetous Men
7. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Run Come Rally
8. Yabby You - Rally Dub (Upsetter Mix)
9. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Anti-Christ
10. Dicky Burton - God Is Watching You
11. Augustus Pablo & Vivian Jackson - Pablo Dread In A Red
12. King Tubby's - King Tubby's Rock
13. The Prophets - Warn The Nation
14. King Tubby's - Honey Dub
15. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Carnal Mind
16. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Love Of Jah
17. King Tubby's - Love Of Jah Version
18. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - The Man Who Does The Work
19. Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah - Jah Vengeance
20. Tommy McCook - Revenge
21. Dillinger - Freshly
22. Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread On The Mountain Top
23. Trinity - Gwan & Lef' Me
24. King Tubby's - Tubby's Vengeance
25. Tommy McCook - Death Trap

Chanting Style

1. Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living
2. King Tubby's - King Tubby Special
3. Wayne Wade - Lord Of Lords
4. King Tubby's - Lord Dub
5. Errol Alphonso - Chant Jah Victory
6. King Tubby's - Jah Victory Dub
7. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Walls Of Jerusalem
8. King Tubby's - Jerusalem Dub
9. The Prophets & Trinity - King Pharaoh's Plague (Discomix)
10. Tommy McCook - Plague Of Horn
11. King Tubby's - King Pharaoh Dub
12. The Prophets & Trinity - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Discomix)
13. The Prophets & Trinity - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Discomix)
14. King Tubby's - Chanting Dub
15. Tommy McCook - Hornsman Chant
16. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Fire In A Kingston
17. King Tubby's - Fire Dub
18. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Judgement On The Land
19. King Tubby's - Repatriation Rock
20. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Deliver Me From My Enemies
21. Michael Rose - Born Free (Discomix)
22. King Tubby's - Love Thy Neighbour Version

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Donna Marie - Reggae Love Music [2000]

Contribuição do parceiro: Ziggy Marley


1. Talking in Your Sleep
2. Make a Broken Heart
3. Love Is a Message That I Will Give to You
4. I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me
5. I Might as Well Believe
6. Go on Home
7. Welcome to My World
8. One of Us
9. Heartache Following Me
10. Darling Forever
11. You Said You Love Me
12. Welcome to My World (Remix)
13. I'll Wake You up When I Get Home
14. Darling It's You Alone That I Adore
15. Can I Have This Dance
16. Part of Me
17. Send Me Back My Love
18. Strange

Don Carlos - Dub Version [2000]

Contribuição do parceiro: Ziggy Marley


1. Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Extended Mix)
2. Declaration Of Rights (Extended Mix)
3. Get Up (Extended Mix)
4. Nice Time (Late Night Blues) (Extended Mix)
5. Plantation (Extended Mix)
6. Promise To Be (Extended Mix)
7. Leggo Me Shirt Gate Man (Extended Mix)
8. Unity Is Strength (Extended Mix)