domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2018

The Heptones - Sweet Talking [2007]


A1. Equal Rights
A2. Pretty Looks Isn't All
A3. Sweet Talking
A4. We Are In The Mood
A5. Let's Try (Extended Mix)
B1. How I Can Leave You
B2. One Love
B3. Tripe Girl
B4. It's Like Heaven
B5. Only Sixteen
B6. Every Day And Every Night
B7. Baby
C1. Message From A Blackman (Extended Mix)
C2. Give Me The Right
C3. Sad Songs
C4. Glory Land
C5. Why Did You Leave Me To Cry
C6. In Love With You
D1. Sweet Talking (Extended Mix) (LP-Only Bonus Track)
D2. Equal Rights (Extended Mix) (LP-Only Bonus Track)

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